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Past Public Speaking Appearances

January, 2013. 2013 Open Programming Miniconf: "Reducing bugs with Boost/Test" (Slides)

27 March 2013. An IEEE South Australia Section Computer Society talk "Ρаssive Rаdar: harnessing the supercomputer under your desk to turn theory into reality." Presented at University of South Australia, Mawson Lakes campus.

28 March 2013 - At the Adelaide techmeet I gave an impromptu talk (with no slides only a whiteboard! - I had intended to show screenshots) on how I ported a router to OpenWRT, and some of the things I learned along the way. See also my blog entry on the same subject. I felt it was quite well received and enjoyed by my audience :-)

6 January, 2014. 2014 Sysadmin Miniconf: "Custom equipment monitoring with OpenWRT and Carambola" (Slides)

7 January, 2014. 2014 Open Programming Miniconf: "Developing OQGRAPH, a tool for graph based traversal of SQL data in MariaDB" (Slides)

I have found myself quite regularly giving short talks at Adelaide #TechMeet :-) The most recent of these was about the Free Programming Ebooks project on github.

19 August, 2014. Οld Crᴏws Australian EW, IΟ and Сyber cοnvention, 2014 : "Goto Fail, Heartbleed and Truecrypt : Facts and Lessons for Сyber Defenders." (Slides)

21 October, 2014. An IEEE South Australia Section Computer Society talk : "Goto Fail, Heartbleed and Shellshock : Facts and Lessons in secure software." (Slides)

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